Where did all start?

Ole, our CEO, has over 30 years of experience in the meat industry. He used to work as a product developer and salesman at Snellman Oy, a meat processing company based in Pietarsaari. Snellman was actually the first in Finland to produce kebab skewers at a large scale.

Oles Fast Food was founded in 2000 when Ole saw the potential of Finnish high quality kebab and wanted to focus on that. He bought Snellman’s kebab production and gathered a competent and passionate team to continue the development and production of first-rate kebab skewers.

Some years later Oles Fast Foods assortment was completed with Ole’s Burgers. Today these patties made of selected cuts of beef are widely used in restaurants and burger kiosks all over Finland.

Family business with a focus on quality

Today we are, above all, a family business where all 20 members of our team have a deep passion for good meat products. We have decided to focus on only a few products to guarantee their quality every day. We deliver our burger patties and kebab skewers to wholesalers and private grocery wholesalers as well as straight to our partners.

Workmanship and modern meat processing

We are also a constantly developing meat processing company with modern equipment and up-to-date processes. Our strict quality control covers the whole process from purchasing the ingredients to delivering finished products. However, it is the professional staff that has the biggest impact on the high and even quality of our products.

We work under the surveillance of the Finnish food safety authority Evira and follow all the valid EU directives.
Our turnover in 2018 was 7 million Euros.

Promise #1

The high quality ingredients and our workmanship can be seen in each of our products. That is why we are extremely careful when picking our ingredients. Our quality control covers the whole production chain from ingredients to ready products. Besides that, we check that the fat, protein and humidity levels of every meat delivery we get match the strict demands we have for our products.

Promise #2

Our products play a very important role in many great dishes. Without them, a hamburger isn’t a hamburger or a kebab dish isn’t kebab dish. Therefore, reliability of delivery is one of our top priorities.

Promise #3

Passion for great meat products can be seen in everything we do. Every member of our team has a wide knowledge of the food industry and desire to learn even more.